Michelle is an absolute light!

"Michelle is an absolute light!! During our session she helped me illuminate my personal vision for myself, and for what I want to create in the world. She got excited with me and shared in my enthusiasm, and by the end of our call I was brimming with motivation to take action!! Michelle helped me come up with strategies to keep myself on track and moving towards my goals. After we hung up I was inspired to create, and had a fulfilling and productive week. So much gratitude for Michelle’s warmth, passion, insight, and for her commitment to holding me to my highest self. Thank you Michelle!"

Kate Franzese

Seeing a few very needed concepts!

Hi Michelle -

I wanted to write you a testimonial because in 2 sessions you had me see a few very needed concepts.

On the personal side, your clever line of questions got me to understand the value and importance of more time off. It was very helpful to get more clarity about the benefits, and that clarity has helped me work stay just as productive while enjoying more time away from work without feeling guilty (that was a key aspect).

On the work side, you identified a clear void in my operations. The very next day I started to implement that new client program and, of course, it worked. It was one of those things that I suspected might be vital, but you shined a light on it.

For those reasons, I greatly thank you.